OPC / ROC compliance AMC

Operating your One Person Company (OPC) is no cakewalk. The initial struggles to keep up to basic profits and meet the various operational expenses will keep you on your toes for quite some time. Amidst this stress, there are various legal formalities as per the ROC that you will have to meet on an ongoing basis. The most important of ROC compliances for OPC includes the annual return filing, issue of share certificates, maintenance of statutory registers, etc. While it is true that there are a lot of exemptions available to the OPCs when compared to the Private Limited Companies with regard to the compliances, there are still quite a few and many new entrepreneurs tend to miss out on the deadlines for these submissions. BusinessIQ understands your business needs your complete focus and with our AMC service, we have your compliance submissions taken care of. With our strong follow-up and reminder system, we will ensure your filings are done on time and thereby, you will avoid heavy penalties.


The most important ROC compliances for OPC is yearly Annual return filing, issue of Share certificate, maintenance of Statutory registers and minutes book. Please fill the above details and get the detailed list of compliances in 1 minute.

1) Trademark Licensing helps the brand owner to grow his reach by partnering with others who are into similar business.
2) It helps well established brands to earn royalty through licensing and maintain quality of products.
3) For small entrepreneurs getting a license to use large brands will provide large business opportunities.
4) Trademark licensing is heart of Software and Pharmaceutical businesses

Brand Licensing Agreement is very crucial for business success and to reduce challenges and legal issues at later stage. Key points to be included in the Licensing Agreement are:
1) Amount of royalty fee or percentage of revenues to be shared between parties
2) Geographical area within which licensee can use the brand
3) Possibility or restriction on sub-licensing of trademark
4) Quality control clause to ensure that the products sold by the licensee meets Licensor standards
5) Grounds for termination of Licensing Agreement

To keep things clear for both the parties, the Agreement must be registered. Within six months of the date of the agreement, an application for registration for Trademark Licensing Agreement, need to be submitted with the Indian Trademark Department.
Licensing and Assignment of trademark may seem similar but there is lot of difference. Licensing of trademark is a permission given to use the brand name. Assignment is transfer or selling of the trademark to others. Licensing is for limited period of time.


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