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Private Limited Company

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Best Private Limited Company Package

₹99999   ₹6999
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Recognized By Start-Up India
REG Number : DIPP48361

About This Plan

Get register your private limited company under this plan with all compliances required for incorporation of Pvt. Ltd. company as per Ministry of Corporate Affairs at lowest consultancy fees. you can easly register your startup company as private limited through online platform of TaxCaller from any states of India. TaxCaller is an MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) & Startup India registered company in India. Our experienced (14 Yrs+) CA/CS/CMA will draft all the incorporation documents in same day.

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What is Private Limited Company?

A private limited company is a private entity of small businesses. The liability of the members of a is limited to their respective shares. A private limited company is governed by the companies’ law of 2013. to start a private limited company minimum two mandatory number of shareholders required, while the upper limit of members is 200 according to the companies law of 2013.


2. What are the minimum requirements for Private Limited Company Registration in India?

For the registration of a private company in India, the following requirements must be met:

1. At least 2 directors will be appointed, of which one must be a resident of India.

2. A minimum of 2 shareholders is required for this registration.Here, a person can become a shareholder and a director at the same time.

3. Registered office address of business must be in india


3. What is the minimum capital requirement?

During registration, a minimum paid-up capital requirement is eliminated as part of the Government's initiative to simplify business registration in India. a minimum of INR 1 Lakh must be provided as authorized capital. However, each shareholder must subscribe at least 1 share for the registration to introduce the sufficient amount for the operating of the business.


How to reserve a company name?

Applicants can provide a maximum of 2 names in their order of preference on the RUN form. The applicant must comply with the provisions of the law or regulations. The registrar may request to resubmit the application under a different name if the names do not meet the criteria for uniqueness, relevance, or do not meet other requirements and resubmition will last chance. 


Who can be a director in a private limited company?

Any natural person over 18 years of age can become a director of the company after obtaining the Director Identification Number (DIN). And since no specific criteria are provided in terms of citizenship or residency, a foreigner can also become a director. The DIN assignment application is now merged with the application for the formation of a company subject to a maximum limit of 3 DIN.


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Can NRIs or foreigners become shareholder in a private limited company?
Yes, NRIs or foreigners can hold shares subject to FDI guidelines. However, a foreign participation of more than 50% will place the company in the category of Foreign Company.
Does anyone have to be physically present for online company registration in India?
No, none of the promoters is required to be present when you choose to register a business online. All forms are filed on the web portal and are digitally signed. Additionally, required documents can be uploaded to our portal or emailed.
What are the legal requirements that must be met once the private company is registered?
Once the company is registered, it must follow the priority requirements mentioned below:
The opening of the company's current account within 30 days after receiving the PAN card.
Appointment of an account auditor within 30 days
Paid-up capital deposit as mentioned during registration
What are the annual compliance mandatory for a private limited company?
During each financial year, the company must hold one Annual General Meeting (AGM) and at least 4 board meetings (one in each quarter). In addition, the accounts and financial statements must be audited by an independent auditor. Subsequently, you must submit the AOC - 4 and MGT - 7 forms as part of the Annual Compliance within the given deadline.


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